Where are some good locations?

  • Think about what you like, what your interests are, what you want hanging on your wall in your home.
  • Think photos that you have seen on my page, other photographer's websites, in magazines, on Pinterest.com, etc.
  • Still can't come up with anything?  Talk to me and we can pick out the perfect place.

What should I wear?

  • Layers
  • Avoid crazy prints (stripes, polka dots, etc.)
  • Use colors that go well together, but aren't "matchy-matchy"  For example, it's okay if one person wears blues and yellows, and others wears greens and browns.  They compliment each other, yet aren't the cliche jeans and white shirts.
  • Think about your location and dress accordingly.  You don't want to wear a tank-top and shorts in the snow...
  • Be comfortable! You may have to sit, squat, bend, or stand for a long period of time.  The last thing you want it blisters on your feet!
  • Have fun with it!  Be creative!  And when it doubt, bring it along to the shoot!
  • Still need more ideas, check out Wardrobe Wednesday

Who do I make a check out to?

  • Stefani Ortiz 

Where are you located?

  • Currently out of the Fresno, Ca. area